Our goal is to support the Orillia Food Council in its mandate to “Enhance local food knowledge and food literacy in the  community."

To that end, we have several garden plots around St. Paul's Centre, and encourage local families to come and pick the vegetables that are grown here, as they ripen. Watch this space to see how we grow St. Paul's Community Garden, in its scope and mandate! LIKE us on Facebook to see more!

For more information, contact Audrey Bayens, 416-660-5873,

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The St. Paul's Centre Squash Project came to life while working with the youth group during a seed discovery session. They loved seeing the many seeds found in the squash and it became a math exercise to count them. Naturally the next step was to plant the seeds and talk about how many new squash would be generated by each seed. The story helped the youth learn the basics of food production and they were excited to see the squash grow over the summer season. We realized that it was going to be impossible for us to care for all the seedlings and so decided to share our project with the community. We invited people to take home their squash seedling, nurture it over the season, then come back in the Fall for a Harvest Dinner and tell their squash stories. How many squash did your plant produce? or... how many critters did your squash feed!  We are now in our 3rd year and the learning experiences have kept us smiling. People were becoming very connected to their squash plants and we have discovered it can be challenging to grow produce. We invite you to join in the project and take a squash seedling home to see how many squash you can add to the harvest basket at the Fall Harvest Dinner.