Leadership Team Meeting Minutes September 5 2018

St. Paul’s United Church

Leadership Team Minutes

Sept. 5, 2018

Attendance: Jack Allen, Don Atkinson, Crystal Doliver, Peggy Goddard, Judy Lynn, Ted Reeve, Cathy Sayle, Eric Sayle, Harvey Watt

1. Secretary Cathy Sayle has volunteered to fill the position.

2. Minutes of June 26, 2018 Peggy moved to accept and Judy seconded.

3. Finalize Mission and Vision Statements The statements of Beliefs and Values were previously developed and approved. Mission and Vision statements for the Church and the Centre were drafted by Don and discussed. It was agreed that the Visions be the same with the addition of “exploring spirituality” to that of the Church. Don will revisit the Mission for the Centre and circulate his draft for feedback.

4. Kevin Logie Appointment Update Don motioned, and Harvey seconded, that Kevin be hired as part time minister beginning in October. He and Ted will meet to discuss plans for the fall. Kevin will focus on Worship when Ted is working with The Edge and Pastoral Care when Ted is on site. This will entail 20 hours a week until the end of April 2019 when Kevin will cover Ted’s sabbatical for May and June. Cathy Brown will finalize details.

5. Financial Report to Date Finances to the end of July were reviewed by the Finance Committee at the end of August. Jack reported that revenue is less than expected for the first seven months of 2018. Offerings are below budget. It was agreed that the congregation be informed of the July end findings and financial needs for the remainder of the year. It was suggested that updates to the congregation be provided monthly, concentrate on general givings, and be announced by Learning Team and Finance Committee members on a rotating basis. It is important to express urgency in the financial needs and to affirm the benefits of what is being supported by the funds.

Jack reported that a loan payment of $25 000 has been sent to Toronto United Church Council and that the loan will be paid in full by December 2018.

6. Capital Campaign Update Construction is behind schedule due to a late start and discovery of more asbestos, which has been removed. More plaster and drywall were found above the Green Room. GENCON will demolish these and create a firewall in five days. Rod Young and Associates are the site managers.

The Worship Committee has determined that services will begin in the Sanctuary on Sun. Sept. 16, not Sun. Sept. 9 as was originally planned.

7. Congregational Celebration of St. Paul’s Renewal Community members and the “After Five” Business People’s Association will be invited to a celebration of their support on Oct. 17. Funding for the gathering will be provided by the Mariposa Foundation. Donor names will be etched on a glass plaque that will hang in the Atrium and will indicate the start and end dates of the Capital Campaign. The Coordinators felt strongly that a celebration be held for St. Paul’s United Church donors as well and chose the date of Oct. 4. An EVITE will be sent to members who donated to the Capital Campaign. All members of the congregation will be invited through the newsletter and bulletin. Proposed funding for this event will be referred to the Capital Campaign Committee.

8. Greening Update Solar panels are in place, all costs have been covered, and $436.00 of electricity was produced in July.

The Greening Committee was tasked with determining the best use of over $13 000 that was raised by donations in the spring. The members determined that a $3 000 feasibility study would greatly reduce the funds available for recommended changes. The installation of six low flow toilets, hot water on demand, more efficient light bulbs and a more efficient freezer are examples of greening initiatives put in place. An ad hoc committee will reconvene to review what has been accomplished and what needs to be completed.

9. Application for City Grants A feasibility study was undertaken to determine the cost of repairing the ramp and crumbling steps at the east Atrium door. A 50/50 grant is available and if successful, $3 000 of the $6 000 required would be provided by the city. Judy motioned to apply for the grant and Harvey seconded.

10. Policy Items Peggy moved and Crystal seconded that the Signing Authority document be approved for use.

Peggy approached City Hall regarding Health and Safety requirements. An institution employing more than five staff must have a H & S representative. Katrina will be the representative and attend a course on Sept. 18, costing $499.00 + tax. Peggy motioned and Jack seconded that we support Katrina as the H & S representative and cover the cost of the course.

The Wedding Policy was updated by the Affirming Committee but requires rewording.

It was agreed that members of the congregation with specific expertise be involved in the writing of policies.

Next Leadership Team Meeting: Wed. Oct. 3 6:00 p.m. in the Parlour