Notes from March meeting

A Note from your Leadership Team, March 2018

New members, Harvey Watt, Eric Sayle and Julia Brown were welcomed at the start of the March 27th meeting. Returning members include: Jack Allen, Judy Lynn, Crystal Dolliver, Peggy Goddard, Don Atkinson and Rev Ted Reeve.
The finance committee had prepared a revised budget which was reviewed. It is challenging to balance priorities including staffing and building maintenance with realistic expectations for revenue. A small deficit (less than $4000) remains in the budget however it was agreed that the budget as presented should be recommended to the congregation. A special congregational meeting will be arranged following church on April 22nd regarding the budget.
Cathy Brown, chair of Ministry and Personnel, attended the meeting to discuss a request from Rev Ted Reeve for a leave and sabbatical in the next year. He has been approached by the Edge Ministry of the United Church to take on a special project starting in September. For a period of 8 months he would continue on a half time basis with St Paul’s and we would be reimbursed for the other half of his salary. Following this period, he would be eligible for a 3-month sabbatical as outlined by the United Church of Canada. The 8 months of leave will allow us to employ others to fill our ministry needs. The Leadership Team supported the request in principle and Cathy was asked to form a small committee to work on the logistics of this staffing change. Ted assures us that his first commitment remains with St. Paul’s even while he works on this research project. 
Several other information items were presented and discussed. We are hoping to be able to move forward with phase 2 of the Capital Campaign this year and complete renovations to the accessible washrooms and Green Room. We also look forward to receiving the detailed report on the building audit completed on March 26th by Steven Collette from Faith & the Common Good. This report will help us focus our efforts on Greening St Paul’s on those areas with the greatest impact.
Minutes of the meeting are posted on the board outside the office and available on the website.
Don Atkinson, Past Chair, Leadership Team