Leadership Team Minutes February 6, 2018


St. Paul’s United Church, Orillia

Present: Peggy Goddard (acting chair), Ted Reeve, Judy Lynn (recorder), Jack Allen, Clive Bithell
Absent:  Don Atkinson, Crystal Dolliver

Moved by Jack Allen, Seconded by Clive Bithell, that the minutes be approved.

Affirming Ministry:  Both Ted & Peggy attended a presentation at the United Church in Barrie.  Being an affirming congregation means explicit inclusivity for all aspects of diversity – races, genders, sexual orientation, gender identity and ability.
After further discussion, it was passed by Jack Allen, seconded by Judy Lynn that we are supportive of the affirming process.

Greening our building to save money:  Ted presented this concept.  We could have a “greening audit” done to develop a list of greening opportunities.  The $750 for the audit could be part of our anniversary appeal and the UCC would provide $1000 as well.  
Further discussion required.

Explorer program: This program will no longer take place for St. Paul’s as the candidate is not available.

Recruitment:  Judy advised that Harvey Watt has agreed to stand as a Member at Large.  Peggy has been speaking to Cathy Brown but no definitive answer yet.  There are two other recruitments underway but no commitments at this time.

“Clusters” update:  This project is active and Ted will be the communicator between Regent Park and other churches.

Call to action #83 Art Exhibit:  This art exhibit has been touring art galleries and venues throughout Ontario and will be coming to St. Paul’s McDonald Hall on Sunday March 18th.  There was a brief discussion at our last meeting regarding perhaps changing the name of the Hall for the duration of its stay.  
We have since received some suggestions from the property committee as to how we might proceed with this idea. (see email)

Finance:  Jack provided a Year End Final Budget indicating a surplus of $8232.56.