Leadership Meeting Minutes February 27, 2018

St Paul’s United Church
Joint Leadership Team and Coordinators Meeting
February 27, 2018

Attendance: Ted Reeve, Don Atkinson (chair and recorder), Crystal Doliver, Jack Allen, Betty Noganosh, Rachel Howes, Eric Sayle

Regrets: Judy Lynn, Peggy Goddard, Clive Bithell, Jody Maltby

1.    Check In and Welcome: 
The coordinators were invited to join the Leadership Team to discuss a review of our progress over the past few years and to discuss the budget for the 2018 year. 
2.    Agenda: Accepted by consensus
3.    Minutes of January and February
Moved by: Crystal Doliver            Seconded by: Jack Allen
That the minutes of January 2, 2018 and February 6, 2018 by accepted as circulated with the addition of the date to the February 6, 2018 meeting minutes.

4.    Review and discussion of progress over the past few years: 
Ted Reeve led a discussion regarding three areas that we have focused on in the past 4 years. These are: Governance, Congregation Life and St Paul’s Centre. In regard to Governance we discussed how our new model of leadership was working.  Congregational Life focused on the areas led by the coordinators. St Paul’s Centre development has been both missional in terms of reaching out and inviting in the community and financial in terms of sharing the costs of the building.
It was felt that a broader follow up discussion was required. The first step would be to have the Leadership Team and Coordinators meet towards the end of April using a workshop format and then invite the congregation to participate in a broader discussion in May. 

5.    Planning for the annual congregational meeting:
5.1.    Nominations Report: 
5.1.1.    For Leadership Team-Don Atkinson (past chair), Jack Allen (treasurer), Judy Lynn, Peggy Goddard, Crystal Doliver, Harvey Watt, (this leaves 2 vacancies)
5.1.2.    For Coordinators: Rachel Howes, Jody Maltby, Eric & Cathy Sayle, Betty Noganosh
5.1.3.    For Committee Chairs: Property: Jim Harris; Ministry and Personnel: Cathy Brown; Finance: vacant
5.1.4.    Trustees: Patti Page (treasurer), Jack Allen (chair), Faye Hunter, Ann Downard, Ted Reeve
5.1.5.    Presbytery Reps: Gerry Walma, Susan Walma

5.2.    Financial results for 2016 and 2017: 
Revised financial statements for 2016 are available following a detailed review by Ken McMullen. The year-end deficit for 2016 was $2,710. 
The 2017 year-end had previously been reported to show a profit however it was noted that we had not made monthly remittances to Mission and Services for 3 months totaling $12.060.25 and had not forwarded the Advent Appeal to the Sharing Place in the amount of $840. Adjusting for these two payments results in a deficit of $9,172.29 for 2017.
Note: following the meeting it was discovered that two major contributions to the capital campaign had been credited to general offering. Correcting these entries results in an operating deficit for 2017 of $26,075.

5.3.    Budget for 2018: 
A draft budget was presented showing total revenue of $454,600 and total expenses of $485,334 resulting in a deficit of $30,734. This includes an increase in the anniversary appeal target to $35,000. The significant increases in expenses relate to the repair of the library roof and staffing costs. The increase in staffing costs is due to multiple factors including: hiring of a professional bookkeeper, annualization of the youth coordinator position, cost of living increases and increases related to change in position responsibilities.  After discussion, it was felt that additional increases should be provided to 2 staff members resulting in an increase for staffing expenses of $4,312. The final version of the budget to be presented to the annual meeting shows a projected $35,046.
6.    Next meeting: March 27, 2018