Leadership Team Meeting Minutes for October 3, 2018

St. Paul’s United Church

Leadership Team Minutes

October 3, 2018

Attendance: Jack Allen, Don Atkinson, Crystal Doliver, Peggy Goddard, Kevin Logie, Judy Lynn, Ted Reeve, Cathy Sayle, Eric Sayle, Harvey Watt

1. Check In

2. Minutes of Sept. 5, 2018 Peggy moved to accept. Harvey seconded. Question was raised regarding signing of approved minutes by chair and secretary. Eric to follow up.

3. Posting of minutes and financial reports Concern was sent to the Leadership Team regarding these being posted in the hallway as it is a heavy public traffic area. After discussion it was determined that the location of the postings is appropriate.

4. Revision of St. Paul’s Centre Mission Statement Don reviewed and revised as requested. “Experiencing spirituality” remains in the Centre’s Mission Statement. “Fellow man” was changed to “families” in the Church’s Vision Statement. All agreed. It was suggested that Robert Chapman make this revision to the poster in the Atrium.

5. Signage Last year Anna got quotes for outside signage options, excluding installation. It was suggested that an application for a 50/50 grant for signage and installation be submitted to the city now. Ted and Audrey will fine tune the banner style signage for Peter St. and Coldwater Rd., the latter adhering to DMB (Downtown Management Board) regulations. LT members will review the designs electronically. Crystal moved and Peggy seconded that, if all agree to the designs, Anna will get installation costs and the grant application will be submitted.

6. Advisory Forum for the Centre There was discussion regarding the development of an Advisory Forum for St. Paul’s Centre that would include community members. This concept will be revisited in January 2019 with Eric, Crystal and Peggy doing initial planning and inviting appropriate community members. It was determined that a committee to provide facilities and operations advice was also required. It was decided that FOAG (Facilities and Operations Advisory Group) be reconvened as soon as possible to discuss the development of such a committee and share its responsibilities with the Property Committee.

7. Financial Report and Update Don indicated that the report is usually shared quarterly, so this is a two-thirds year report. The operating budget remains in deficit and accumulated debt from previous years continues to be carried. Jack presented a minute talk on Sun. Sept. 16, explaining the financial situation. There was much discussion about how to encourage increased givings in a constructive and positive manner. Don has written an article for Sunday’s bulletin that outlines our successes. It is important that the congregation be aware of the deficit but also be informed of financial progress as it occurs. The Stewardship Committee has been working on a strategy for the fall appeal, including Stewardship gatherings and the Sun. Nov. 4 Stewardship Service.

8. Introduction of Staff It was suggested that individual staff photographs and brief biographies be displayed by power point before Sunday services. Ted will introduce the concept at the next staff meeting and request feedback.

9. Tours of Music School A member of the Advisory Forum asked if members of the congregation could be given a tour of the Orillia Music School that rents space at St. Paul’s. This could be arranged for a specific Sunday. The School offered an open house in Sept. 2017 and it was attended by only a few.

10. Policy Items

Cathy Brown drafted a Health and Safety policy. This was reviewed by Katrina, St. Paul’s H & S representative, who added specifics based on the course she attended on Sept. 18. The LT is responsible for the H & S policy and recognizes that Katrina will require support as she reviews various policies. Cathy Brown will be asked to reformat the policy to match existing policy template. Peggy will then take it to City Hall for review.

Rachael will be asked to discuss the need for an Affirming policy with the Affirming Committee. When that is determined, the Wedding policy will be updated.

11. Stewardship Gatherings will be held in the Atrium Nov. 1 at 10:00 a.m, Nov. 5 at 7:00 p.m and Nov. 8 at 3:00 p.m. They will be hosted by UCW units and Hospitality.

Next Leadership Team Meeting: Wed. Nov. 7 6:00 p.m. in the Bradley Room