LT Minutes February 28, 2017

St. Paul’s United Church

Leadership Team


February 28th, 2017


Present: Don Atkinson (Chair), Ted Reeve, Judy Lynn, Jack Allen, Crystal Doliver, Clive Bithell


Guests:  Jim McKean, Michael Gordon


1.    Agenda: addition of Property Committee report on Security


2.    Minutes of January 24th, 2017 Meeting:

Moved by Jack Allen, seconded by Crystal Doliver to approve minutes of January 24, 2017 meeting.  Passed.


3.    Presentation: Parish Nursing: Jim McKean

Jim McKean provided hard copies of information concerning Parish Nursing Ministry.  Advised that all the United Churches in Barrie are looking at moving forward with this concept and perhaps we in Orillia could do the same.


Parish Nursing is a health ministry of faith communities which emphasizes the wholeness of body, mind and spirit.  Rooted in the vision of Christ as a Healer, this ministry grows out of the belief that all faith communities are places of health and healing and have a role in promoting wholeness through the integration of faith and health.


After some discussion, the Leadership Team agreed that the concept was worth exploring further and requested Jim McKean return with a plan on how this could be integrated into St. Paul’s Church.


4.    Security

A very complete and excellent review of security at St Paul’s was submitted by the Property Committee and contained several recommendations.

Following discussion and review of benefits and costs it was agreed that Clive will provide the Property Committee with the following decisions:

-       We will not install video camera monitoring

-       We will provide better signage for risk reduction.

o   i.e. “Valuables left at your own risk”

-       Policy and procedures will be improved, including:

o   User groups advised to secure their equipment

o   Offices and rooms to be secured when not in use

o   Money to be handed directly to a staff person

o   Limit cash and cheques on site, deposit asap to the bank



5.    Preparations for AGM

Review of:

-       Nominations                               Judy Lynn – to present to AGM

-       Financial reports for 2016        Jack Allen – to present to AGM

-       Budget for 2017                         Don Atkinson – to present to AGM

-       Capital campaign                       Michael Gordon – to present to AGM



It was moved by Jack Allen, seconded by Clive Bithell that the Statement of Operations for 2016 and Budget for 2017 be received and forwarded to the AGM.  Passed.


6.    Reflection on past 12 months:


Looking at what we have achieved relative to our goals we realize that some were not achieved due to ongoing circumstances such as financial & volunteer availability.  However, overall, we were pleased that most goals have either been achieved and/or are in the development stages.


7.    Retiring Members:


We would like to offer a sincere thank you to Becky Bauman (Past Chair), Susan Walma (Secretary) & Joan Tonner (Member-at-large), who are retiring (or have retired) from the Leadership Team.  Their hard work and input has been invaluable to all.


8.    Next meeting:  March 28, 2017