A note from your leadership team October 2017

A Note from your Leadership Team, October 2017

Just over 2 years ago, the congregation approved a new organizational and governance structure for St Paul’s. Since that time the Leadership Team has filled the role of the Board. Their primary responsibilities are to provide vision and direction for St Paul’s, provide oversight and coordination of activities and programs, and to ensure that that there are appropriate human and fiscal resources to support the church.

The Leadership Team meets one evening each month to carry out its duties. At present there are 7 members and 2 vacancies on the Leadership Team. It is time to step back and see if the changes made 2 years ago are meeting the needs of St Paul’s. Later in October, leaders from across the church will meet to determine what has been working well and what needs to be improved. If you have any comments or wish to explore an opportunity to fill one of the vacancies, please forward them to me in person or by email at drdon5531@gmail.com.

Minutes of our meetings are available on the bulletin board outside the office and on the website.

Don Atkinson, Chair

Notes from Lunch Meeting May 28, 2017

Lunch and Conversation, May 28, 2017

At the Leadership Team lunch and conversation on May 28, 2017, I presented a few highlights of the current activities happening at St Paul’s. The following is a brief summary of the presentation.

·         Youth worker: Our anniversary appeal was successful at raising over $9,000 for this position. The youth worker will focus on supporting Kids Church, Youth Programs and Home Church. Recruitment is underway with the potential to start over this summer.

·         Office staff: Kathie Joblin is leaving us in June to spend more time with her family. Katrina will be increasing her hours to cover full days, Monday to Thursday. Recruitment is underway for a Communications Coordinator. Although the hours for this role are limited it is hoped that by focusing solely on communication needs, i.e. life and works, website, social media, etc. that it will be effective.

·         Stewardship: The stewardship committee will be launching a campaign regarding endowments in June. Our endowment fund with the Community Foundation of Orillia is an excellent way to ensure reliable revenue that will sustain St Paul’s programs in the future.

·         Facility Use: There is an increase in rentals and community interest in using our facility. This has resulted in some “growth pains”. The Facility Operations Advisory Group meets every other week to review policies, procedures and requests and is developing a comprehensive manual to address concerns. Facility rental revenue for the first 4 months of 2017 is $13,000. Somniatis is happening this week and all profits are being donated to St Paul’s.

·         Capital Campaign: Over $600,000 has been raised for phase 1a. There still is a funding gap of about $55,000, which includes the cost of the organ screen. We continue to seek opportunities for grants and currently have applications for a Rick Hansen accessibility grant for washroom renovations and one to Living Waters Presbytery for completion of the sound system and coverage of the funding gap. We hope to complete Phase 1b, which is the construction of gender-neutral accessible washrooms at the top of the ramp. Future plans include expansion of washroom capacity, window blinds and air conditioning.

·         Inside Out Focus Group: Ted Reeve is reconvening this group to discuss ideas for facility and program development that fits with our mission of “turning ourselves inside out for the sake of the community”

·         Questions: Will the changes in facility rentals affect our charitable status? We are still St Paul’s United Church and there is no impact on our charitable status at this time. Can we do anything about the fire department’s requirement to keep all doors closed? I have asked Jim Harris and the property committee to look at the cost of installing magnet door releases that are linked to the fire alarm system and will allow us to keep the doors open.

If you have further questions please feel free to speak to me directly or contact me by email at drdon5531@gmail.com.

Don Atkinson, Chair

A Note from your Leadership Team, May 2017

At the May 23rd Leadership Team meeting we started with a discussion about programs and events planned for the fall. It looks like there will be a lot happening at St Paul’s so stayed tuned by checking the calendar and notices in Life and Works weekly.

We reviewed again the remits (motions) being considered by the General Council of the United Church of Canada (UCC). After discussion the vote was in favor of supporting the resolutions as follows:

1.    Three Council Model: conferences and presbyteries would be replaced by regional councils

2.    Elimination of Transfer and Settlement: the policy of placing new ministers in smaller, remote communities would be removed in line with current practices

3.    Office of vocation: a national professional practice office would determine education standards and discipline related to ministers

4.    Funding a New Model: funds donated for mission and service would be used solely for mission and service and not administration; general council would be able to assess faith communities for administrative costs directly rather than through the current presbytery fees

Updates were received on the plans for the community gardens and in particular revitalizing the space on the east side of the building. Facility use continues to increase and concerns raised by the property committee were referred to the facilities advisory group for review and comment. A number of procedures have been updated based on our experience to date and a complete manual of information is being prepared.

As summer approaches, I know we all look forward to enjoying the beautiful country we live in. The work of St Paul’s does and will continue over the summer so your support is appreciated.

Don Atkinson, Chair

March Update from Chair

A Note from your Leadership Team, March 2017

The Leadership Team held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 28th. We were extremely pleased to learn that Ken McMullen is prepared to assist with the financial management of St Paul’s. He was appointed chair of finance and will work with Jack Allen who continues in the role of treasurer and Geoff Loosemore our financial assistant.

We discussed the anniversary appeal which is focused on raising funds for a part time youth worker. There are a significant number of children and youth connected with St Paul’s. Although they are not always visible there is a need to support and develop this ministry. The M&P committee is working with Jody Maltby to develop a position description for the position which we hope to fill before the summer. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more details.

With the renovations last summer, the pulpit and lectern were carefully removed to the Atrium. Reconstructing these items to be functional on our new stage is very expensive. After careful consideration, it was decided that we are best to proceed with the disposition of both and use the proceeds towards the ultimate purchase of a modern, functional and fully accessible lectern at approximately half the cost of reconstructing even one of the pulpit or lectern.

We were supportive of two grant applications for additional funding for the capital campaign. One is directed to the Presbyteries of Toronto Conference Corporation (PTCC) to cover the unfunded renovations to date (about $59,000) and completion of the A-V technology ($133,000) and video streaming capability ($8,000). The second, to the Rick Hansen Barrier Buster Fund ($20,000) is directed to the construction of a universal accessible washroom across from the Library. These will be submitted by the end of March however we won’t receive notice of our results until late June.

Most the meeting time was spent learning about the remits (motions) from The United Church of Canada that the Leadership Team is expected to vote on by the end of June. Jody Maltby provided an excellent overview of the intent of these motions which we will debate at our next meeting. A one page summary has been provided by Jody and included in the recent Sunday bulletin and is available on the St Paul’s website.

Don Atkinson

Chair, Leadership Team

LT Minutes February 28, 2017

St. Paul’s United Church

Leadership Team


February 28th, 2017


Present: Don Atkinson (Chair), Ted Reeve, Judy Lynn, Jack Allen, Crystal Doliver, Clive Bithell


Guests:  Jim McKean, Michael Gordon


1.    Agenda: addition of Property Committee report on Security


2.    Minutes of January 24th, 2017 Meeting:

Moved by Jack Allen, seconded by Crystal Doliver to approve minutes of January 24, 2017 meeting.  Passed.


3.    Presentation: Parish Nursing: Jim McKean

Jim McKean provided hard copies of information concerning Parish Nursing Ministry.  Advised that all the United Churches in Barrie are looking at moving forward with this concept and perhaps we in Orillia could do the same.


Parish Nursing is a health ministry of faith communities which emphasizes the wholeness of body, mind and spirit.  Rooted in the vision of Christ as a Healer, this ministry grows out of the belief that all faith communities are places of health and healing and have a role in promoting wholeness through the integration of faith and health.


After some discussion, the Leadership Team agreed that the concept was worth exploring further and requested Jim McKean return with a plan on how this could be integrated into St. Paul’s Church.


4.    Security

A very complete and excellent review of security at St Paul’s was submitted by the Property Committee and contained several recommendations.

Following discussion and review of benefits and costs it was agreed that Clive will provide the Property Committee with the following decisions:

-       We will not install video camera monitoring

-       We will provide better signage for risk reduction.

o   i.e. “Valuables left at your own risk”

-       Policy and procedures will be improved, including:

o   User groups advised to secure their equipment

o   Offices and rooms to be secured when not in use

o   Money to be handed directly to a staff person

o   Limit cash and cheques on site, deposit asap to the bank



5.    Preparations for AGM

Review of:

-       Nominations                               Judy Lynn – to present to AGM

-       Financial reports for 2016        Jack Allen – to present to AGM

-       Budget for 2017                         Don Atkinson – to present to AGM

-       Capital campaign                       Michael Gordon – to present to AGM



It was moved by Jack Allen, seconded by Clive Bithell that the Statement of Operations for 2016 and Budget for 2017 be received and forwarded to the AGM.  Passed.


6.    Reflection on past 12 months:


Looking at what we have achieved relative to our goals we realize that some were not achieved due to ongoing circumstances such as financial & volunteer availability.  However, overall, we were pleased that most goals have either been achieved and/or are in the development stages.


7.    Retiring Members:


We would like to offer a sincere thank you to Becky Bauman (Past Chair), Susan Walma (Secretary) & Joan Tonner (Member-at-large), who are retiring (or have retired) from the Leadership Team.  Their hard work and input has been invaluable to all.


8.    Next meeting:  March 28, 2017

LT Minutes January 24, 2017

St. Paul’s United Church

St. Paul’s Leadership Team Meeting

January 24, 2017, 6:00pm



Present: Don Atkinson, Chair, Ted Reeve, Susan Walma, secretary,  Clive Bithell, Becky Bauman, Judy Lynn, Jack Allen, Crystal Dolliver

Guest: Michael Gordon


1. Agenda

Added VISTA start up.


2. Minutes of December 19, 2016meeting

Moved by Crystal, seconded by Clive, to approve the minutes of the December 19, 2016 meeting. PASSED


3. Report from Michael Gordon re facility use

St. Paul’s has received community recognition from the Orillia and Area Chamber of Commerce in the “rebuilding Orillia” category; this is a prestigious award.


24 events have or will have happened from Oct 2016 to June 30, 2017 in the newly renovated sanctuary.


Moved by Becky, seconded by Judy to approve the updated Sanctuary booking process, application form, and rate structure and the default sanctuary chair setup. PASSED


The kitchen needs more support as it has more community use now.

Sorry to report our grant submissions to the government and the United Church have been turned down.  Many, many thanks to Bruce McWhinnie for all his dedicated work on that.



The United Church policy banning purchased water in bottles is to be enforced not only for St. Paul’s congregation but also for outside users. Katrina needs to be informed and there should be some signage to enforce this policy.

4. Feedback from luncheon

Almost all feedback was positive.  The congregation appreciated this event; almost 90 people had lunch. This event will be planned for 3 times a year, the next one being May 28th.

The fall 2016 gatherings were reviewed and tables reported back on their discussion of the values of St. Paul’s. They were listed as: spiritual growth, inclusiveness, open mindedness, justice, safe dialogue, trust, compassion, and generosity. Susan will make an interactive values bulletin board by the banquet hall.

People are asked to make their comments on how these values are brought to life on this bulletin board.

Ted will reference this in his sermon.


5. Financial update

M4R commitment ends Feb 28.

Thanks to Don for 2016 review. General comments about 2016 include:

·        Facility use was over $40,000, much better than our predicted $22,000.

·        Our general and loose offerings totaled$270,000 right on our goal.

·        Our fundraising income was $18,700--- a lot under our goal of $30,500.

·        Our building maintenance came in at $39,600-- over our budget of $33,000.

·        Property expenses were almost $25,000--- almost $2000 under our budget.

·        We did, however, cover the cost of the needed brickwork by our brick campaign.

·        We still need 2015 and 2016 HST rebate to come in.

·        Teresa Morley, our accountant, will bring our charitable status submission up to date

·        At the end of the year, a preliminary estimate is that our net position was $-6,785.

·        HST rebates will improve our balance at the bank, but do not impact the profit and loss statement.

Moved by Judy, seconded by Clive, to remove Nick Bauman and Colleen Brown from the bank account at TD and replace them with Geoff Loosemore.  PASSED

6.   Budget

A first look at the 2017 budget was presented.

Comments about income include:

·        Keep our general offerings predicted at the same as 2016--- $270,000.

·        Add in $4000 of endowment interest from funds held by the Community Foundation of Orillia.

·        Set fundraising at $30,000, keeping in mind we had Orillia Is Born which was a major fundraiser.

·        We anticipate $50,000 for facility use.

·        Make our anniversary appeal dedicated to hiring a youth and family worker.

Our look at expenses yielded this:

·        We must increase our building expenses, including critical roof repair.

·        Our programs need more resources. The coordinators have recommended that we hire a youth and family worker to plan program for children and youth for Sunday mornings and for other times during the month and to work with volunteers and families to execute these programs.

·        In addition this contract person would develop a House Church program that would bring together small groups made up of families, couples, and individuals who would gather for spiritual growth, worship and fellowship.

·        Such a contract person would cost $9000 and we hope to cover this by the anniversary appeal.

·         Recommend that staff will receive a 2% increase.

A further detailed budget will be presented to the congregation at the March  5th congregational meeting.


7. Recruitment

Bev and Mike Todd are stepping down. Blair is leaving stewardship. Susan is moving to stewardship from Leadership. This leaves 3 openings on Leadership team.

The coordinators are continuing.  However, Betty would like a co-chair. And a co-chair to work with Rachael is required.

Next LT meeting: February 28, 2017 6:00pm


Ted will talk to Irene to begin VISTA again.

Ted will check out changing the ORILLIA IS BORN sign to St. Paul’s United Church and Centre.

NOTE:  budget meeting Wednesday February 15th 6:00pm



_______________Don Atkinson, chair________________Susan Walma, sec’y