There are many ways that you can breathe life into this community, in gratitude for the many benefits it offers.



Donate money

In alignment with our values of generosity and good stewardship, we encourage all members of the community to thoughtfully consider how they may financially support the work of the community. Proportional giving charts are readily accessible – compare your present level of giving to the percentages of income shown in these charts and you may find that your level of giving could be changed to better reflect your appreciation for the benefits of membership in this community.

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donate time/TALENT

There are countless opportunities for you to give of your time and talents. We are in the process of developing a volunteer registry, and spelling out exactly what volunteer opportunities there are and the time commitment required. Some are ongoing; some are occasional; some are one-time events.

Do you have musical or artistic gifts? Are you computer savvy? Would you like to lead a small group? Do you like to cook and serve? Perhaps you enjoy driving and would like to offer someone a ride to church. The possibilities are (almost) unlimited – and imaginative ideas are always welcome! There truly is something for everyone.